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I'm Terrible

Posted by Drillpress on Nov 17, 2009 , under | comments (0)

Mostly at posting. I may try and fix that. I haven't been playing the pony a whole lot. I now have a DK and priest at 80, and I'm working on a Warlock to be my Jewelcrafting bot. 3.2 has been kind of a downer in our guild and around Azeroth as a whole I think. I'm looking forward to 3.3 and the random dungeon feature. I would like to gear up the priest, and badges are sexiness. Plus, Drill likes Tier 9, yes he does. I wonder how they're gonna dish out Tier 10 for me . . . .

My Plans for 3.1

Posted by Drillpress on Apr 15, 2009 , under , | comments (2)

Google Analytics says I haven't had a hit since April 6. Ouch. I guess that's what I get for posting so little. Truth be told, I think we were all a little burnt out on old content and kind of slowed down. But now there's new stuff, shiny stuff! Time to dive in!

First off, what did you do first when the servers were finally active? Me, I popped on over to Ironforge and bought me a little dual-spec goodness. It tasted sweet in my mouth. I am now an Enhance/Restoration Shaman, possibly I should change the header. Naaaaaa. I still love hitting things with sticks. I'll only put on that silly Spellpower gear if the guild makes me, but then it's coming off like pants covered in acid. Acid pants. It's happend before . . . *shudder*

Next up, ARGENT TOURNAMENT! Now, I haven't done dailies in . . . months. I hit Exalted with Hodir sometime in February and they were the last Northrend faction to get to that lofty point (aside from the Frostborn and Explorer's League, but I don't have the fortitude to do their dailies everyday). So since then, I've had no reason to do dailies aside from extra gold, and I figured my time was better spent elsewhere. Now I have new dailies, and Silver Covenant rep to get! Yay! Looks I'll be doing the same few quests for three days until I'm an Aspirant. Then who knows what from there. Wowinsider already has a guide, so I won't be doing one, but seriously check out that place if you haven't. It's a mad house about now.

Now for Ulduar. My guild, unfortunately, is not ready. Without even a 10-man Malygos kill under our belts (we actually haven't tried >_< ) we are woefully unprepared and undergeared. It will be a while before we march on the gates, but I have faith that we will someday.

Go forth! Enjoy patchiness.

I'm a Champion!

Posted by Drillpress on Apr 14, 2009 , under | comments (0)

I have accomplished something that most people already have, but I'm still proud of it. I am a Champion of the Frozen Wastes as evidenced by this screenshot:

As you can see, it was The Oculus that got me over the hump (the Heroic Achievement was below it, but got knocked off the list). A clear of my very first Eye of Eternity ever and then a run of the dreaded Oculus got me over the hump. The fact that it was last should clue you in on how much I absolutely despise that place. Some guildies helped me run it to get the achievement. They also thought it would be funny to put me on the red drake. They're bastards. But loveable bastards. Now, Drillpress, Champion of the Frozen Wastes sounds lovely and all, but I think I'd like "Drillpress, Badass of Northrend" much better. I'll be lobbying for that title.

The Obligatory Add-on Post

Posted by Drillpress on Apr 7, 2009 , under | comments (2)


Everyone has to have one.  I think it’s a rule I read somewhere.  So that’s my my UI above.  I think it’s pretty.  It took me some tweaking, some cajoling, some whispering of sweet nothings to get it like this in a way that I like it.  I used the screenie from my first downing of KT because I’m still pretty proud of that, and because I’m apparently top DPS.  But if you look closely, our raid DPS is terrible, so that’s not saying much.  You should open it up in a bigger picture to get the true sense of it.  Better yet, open it up in a separate tab so that you can marvel at it while I talk about it.  I’ll wait.

Done?  Sweet.  First, the stuff you can see.  In the upper left and right corners is Buffalo.  Buffalo keeps my buffs looking sexy and small, and lets me drag them around to where I want them.  In my UI, my all-important Shammy weapon buffs are in the left corner so I can’t help but notice when they’re missing.  My personal buff are in the usual position of the top right corner and below them (near where the range-check box is at ) is where my debuffs show up if I have any.  I find that’s an excellent position for a quick glance to check my polarity or stacks of whatever.

Still at the top, but now in the middle, that pretty blue bar you see that says “8 Orbs Remaining” is my stripped down ShockAndAwe add-on.  It’s a very, very handy little bugger if you are concerned with cooldowns and such, but I just found all the bars to be distracting.  I keep the shield bar mostly to make sure that I never forget to apply a shield and so that I can refresh Lightning Shield in a lull in my rotation before it goes down in a boss fight.  I also use SAA’s handy rotation reminder to let me know when Maelstrom Weapon hits 5 stacks and I can shoot baddies with lighting bolts.

Just below that is a little warning that our fearless mage leader is getting frost blasted.  That’s Deadly Boss Mods.  Everyone who has ever raided should have it.  You already know all about it.

If we continue moving south and slightly right, those four bars right above my HUD will become the focus of your sight.  Those are a piece of Yet Another Totem Add-on, or YATA as it is affectionately known.  Well, as affectionately as you can be with software.  Which is a surprisingly large amount.  Anyway, that part right there gives me a little display of what totems I have out and when they’ll despawn.  During long fights, this keeps me from letting totems disappear and the raid losing buffs, so it’s very handy.  When I use a totem with a cooldown, like one of my elementals or Stoneclaw, another bar will pop up on the left side reminding me of the cooldown before I can use the totem again.  The other part of YATA is below the achievement notification, so sorry about that.  In short, it’s a four button bar with all of my totems sorted by class in cascading menus.  It keeps me from having to have all fourteen thousand totems on a bar somewhere.

My HUD is the venerable ArcHud.  I dislike Blizzard frames and every unit frame that resembles them.  They are aesthetically unappealing under most circumstances and I have trouble with the placement.  Enter ArcHUD.  It’s small, minimal, and fades into the background when I’m just walking around.  Couldn’t ask for anything more.

So then, at the bottom, from left to right.  Omen3, another raiding staple, useful when I play a game of “Steal aggro from the tank.”  Sure the tank gets mad, but he just wasn’t working hard enough.  Then, Grid.  Frickin’ love these raid frames, mostly because they’re small and gorgeous.  They show me everything I need to know, which is health levels, people with aggro, and debuffs I can take care of.  It’s all I need to know, and it’s what I get in a great little package.  My chat pane uses Prat 3.0, mostly to make it prettier and easier to follow.  Then there’s SimpleMap in the middle.  Just a minimalistic and movable minimap.  Next, Recount, another raiding staple if you want to feel good about yourself or realise how much you suck, or tell someone else how much they suck.  I mostly use it to make sure my DPS is where it’s supposed to be.  If it’s not, I check to see if my fishing pole is equipped and that usually fixes it.  Then, Bartender4.  The buttons I MAY need during a fight are big and noticeable and hard to miss when I click them.  The buttons in my rotation or that I’m sure I’ll use are hotkeyed.  I skin all the buttons with ButtonFacade to make them prettier.

That’s all for what you can see, and this post has gone on long enough.  I’ll post another one with the mess of add-ons I use behind the scenes later.  Until then, feel free to ogle my UI with lust.  Do it.  I mean, if you want.  But you should.  You REALLY should . . .


Posted by Drillpress on Apr 6, 2009 , under | comments (2)

Gnomeaggedon let me know that my comments/rss wasn't working. Hopefully I've resolved it. It meant a new layout, since apparently mine sucked, but hopefully people can actually leave comments and subscribe to the RSS now.

So You Want To Be A Guardian of Cenarius?

Posted by Drillpress on Apr 3, 2009 , under , , | comments (3)

In my quest to be a Loremaster/Seeker, coupled with my love of collecting nifty looking sets I have been on the path to get my Dungeon 2 set and doing the quests that accompany that. One quest in particular sends you out to Silithus for some cinders from the Duke of Cynders. This requires some work and farming, so I decided to take the incredibly long route to my goal and raise my Cenarion Circle reputation to Exalted while I was out there. I did a lot of research and trial and error to try and figure out the best way to get my rep up as fast as possible and I figured I might throw my suggestions up here in a way that will hopefully be helpful to others. Oh, and this guide assumes you are not running AQ over and over, just thought I’d mention that. First of all, do your non-repeatable quests in Silithus. This part is kind of unnecessary if you are not concerned with Loremaster/Seeker as it will send you in circles around Silithus and be slower than the prescribed grind. If you simply want Exalted, skip the table below. If you are concerned with achievements as I was, then these are the quests that will count towards both achievements in the zone or for the faction. Cross them off after you finish them :-)

A Humble Offering Abyssal Contacts Brann Bronzebeard’s Letter
Deadly Desert Venom Noggle’s Last Hope Noggle’s Lost Satchel
Dearest Natalia Into the Maw of Madness Breaking the Code
Unraveling the Mystery Glyph Chasing Desert Recipe
Sharing the Knowledge Kitchen Assistance Aurel Goldleaf
Dukes of the Council Bor Wildmane Signet of the Dukes
Goldleaf’s Discovery Lords of the Council Bor Wishes to Speak
Scepter of the Council The New Frontier Rabine Saturna
Wasteland The Spirits of Southwind Hive in the Tower
Umber, Archivist Uncovering Past Secrets Under the Chitin Was…
Scouring the Desert Securing the Supply Lines Stepping Up Security
Secret Communication A Reliquary of Purity Shards of Felvine
The Perfect Poison The Twilight Mystery The Deserter
The Twilight Lexicon A Terrible Purpose Twilight Geolords
Vyral the Vile The Calling Armaments of War
Wanted: Deathclasp

Now for the grind. From here on out, we have a couple choices:

Option #1 – The Twilight Hammer/Abyssal Council grind.
Option #2 – The Field Duty/Allegiance to Cenarion Circle grind.

The route I took, and the route I’m pretty sure everyone will agree offers the best Rep:Time ratio is Option #1. The reasoning behind this is that Option #2, while a viable option, just requires too much time for too little reward. Field Duty will get you Logistical, Combat, and Tactical assignments which you can complete for badges as well as 150 rep per completed quest. One of each of these badges will net you a cool 1000 rep for turning them in for [Allegiance to the Cenarion Circle]. Unfortunately, these assignments took me a bit more far and wide than I thought efficient. Combat Assignments sent me to kill a large amount of mobs, usually 30. Not terribly difficult, but some targets such as the Hive’Regal Burrower are not the densest of groups and will take quite a while to kill several of them. Logistical Assignments will send you to the AH mostly, or at least that was my experience. You spend money for mats that they happen to call for, which is another reason why I avoided this route. Tactical Assignments can actually supplement Option #1 as some of them will have you kill various Templars, but it will also send you to far and sundry locations to meet with people. So we’re going to put Option #2 to bed, simply because it’s too much expense and running around for too little reward.So here then is the Step-by-Step for Option #1 which you will ride all the way to Exalted.The cornerstone is going to be killing Twilight Hammer Cultists. Tons of them. If you have an AoE, congratulations, you’re way ahead of the game. I farmed the two camps at 39.44 and 26,33 as they were the easiest to go back and forth between and had easy access to a town if I needed to empty my bags or turn things in. The drops we’re concerned with are [Encrypted Twilight Texts], [Twilight Cultists Mantle], [Twilight Cultist Cowl], and [Twilight Cultist Robe]. Always keeps these drops.The main source of reputation will come from the Twilight Hammer Cultists themselves and the Encrypted Twilight Texts. Each Cultist you kill will net 10 rep apiece which will add up quickly, and each stack of 10 Texts you hand in will net another 500 reputation. While you are farming up these Texts, you are going to use a set of secondary drops to give you some auxiliary rep to shorten the process. Cultists will occasionally drop uncommon items that are part of the Twilight Trappings set. When you put on a full set, you can summon an Abyssal Templar from a Lesser Wind Stone at the Cultist camps and get an [Abyssal Crest]. For every three of these Crests, you can turn them in with a [Large Brilliant Shard] for a [Medallion of Station] which can be worn along with another set of Twilight Trappings to summon an Abyssal Duke from a Wind Stone. From the Dukes you will get [Abyssal Signets] which can be turned in three at a time with 5 Large Brilliant Shards for a [Twilight Ring of Lordship]. While wearing this along with a Medallion of Station and Twilight Trappings Set you can summon an Abyssal Lord who will drop an [Abyssal Scepter] . I tell you all this because, for the completionists, you’re going to need two Abyssal Scepters, one to complete [Humble Offering], and one to complete [Scepter of the Council], both of which count toward the Loremaster of Kalimdor achievement. So the progression will look something like this:
  • Purchase at least 18x Large Brilliant Shard.
  • Kill Twilight Hammer Cultists, collect Encrypted Twilight Texts and pieces of Twilight Trappings set.
  • Use full sets of Trappings at a Lesser Wind Stones and collect 12x Abyssal Crests.
  • Turn in12x Abyssal Crests w/ 4x Large Brilliant Shard for 4x Medallion of Station.
  • Use 3x Medallion & 3 more sets of Trappings to use Wind Stones and collect 3x Abyssal Signet.
  • Turn in 3x Abyssal Signet w/ 5x Large Brilliant Shard for 1x Twilight Cultist Ring of Lordship.
  • Use Trappings set, Medallion, and Ring at Greater Wind Stone, collect Abyssal Scepter.
  • Repeat
If you go through these steps twice, you should have more than enough reputation for Exalted from mob kills and rewards from quest turn-ins. I even had some left over pages at the end, but their existence is based on the RNG, so you may see better or worse results. I hope this is helpful, I put a bunch of work into it. If you have some comments on how I can make it better, please feel free to let me know.

Lich in a Barrel

Posted by Drillpress on Mar 31, 2009 , under , , | comments (0)

So recently (read: Sunday) I was involved in my first Naxx25 kill of Kel'Thuzad. It was a glorious moment. It was the second time our amalgamation of guilds was able to defeat him and it occurred in only two attempts. I was very happy. Oddly enough, I apparently have never downed Gluth and Thaddius so I received no achievements. On a theoretical level, I feel I have it, and that's enough for me.

I feel like there's no substance to this blog. I tell you my exploits, which is fun enough for me as I'm getting a little record of Drillpress' endeavors, but there isn't much to make other people read it. That is, if other people even COME here. I am unaware of a way to check and see if this blog is actually trafficked, I have come to doubt it. I feel maybe I should peruse the interwebs and poach things, as I myself am not very creative, but then I'm a leech on the community istead of an addition. Nuts.

Well, here's the only thing I could think of to be gimmicky, music. I loves it. I try to have it whenever I possibly can. So here's the first installment of Music to WoW By. In this instalment, Music To Raid By:

Get a playlist! Standalone player

1st, Puscifer's "The Undertaker" - The perfect trash-clearing song. Steady beats with a droning guitar and droning lyrics, this baby lulls you into a comfortable rhythm as the insignificant peons fall dead at your feet. Also, as a Tool/APC fan, I'm obligated to like this band.

2nd, ASHES dIVIDE's "Sword" - Start this baby about one minute before your boss pull. Picture yourself unsheathing your weapons as the strings begin. You gently caress your blade while the violins strain and his gently lyrics coincide with your slow-motion charge at your enemy. The steady calmness of the song is not for frentic fights, but rather steady drags. Set this one aside for use with Patchwerk or Loatheb. Let it drive you on, help you continue the fight as it swells, and let you revel in the fallen enemy as the piano slowly takes you out.

3rd, Innerpartysystem's "Don't Stop" - You'll see the pattern here as a tend to like to calm myself a little before a boss fight. Start this one a little before the pull too. Unlike the other two though, this one drives. Hard down beats will set the tempo of your rotation and keep you pressing on and moving until breakdowns force you to revaluate your position or visualize yourself in the flurry of battle as a great camera pans around the maelstrom that envelopes everyone around you. But this will stop in time for the camera to zoom back in and allow you to finish strong, right up to the killing blow.

Well, that's all I have for now. Tell me what you think about my little segment. Heck, tell me if you read this blog at all. For now, I must work on real people things. Real people things are dumb.