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My Plans for 3.1

Apr 15, 2009 , Posted by Drillpress at 1:53 PM

Google Analytics says I haven't had a hit since April 6. Ouch. I guess that's what I get for posting so little. Truth be told, I think we were all a little burnt out on old content and kind of slowed down. But now there's new stuff, shiny stuff! Time to dive in!

First off, what did you do first when the servers were finally active? Me, I popped on over to Ironforge and bought me a little dual-spec goodness. It tasted sweet in my mouth. I am now an Enhance/Restoration Shaman, possibly I should change the header. Naaaaaa. I still love hitting things with sticks. I'll only put on that silly Spellpower gear if the guild makes me, but then it's coming off like pants covered in acid. Acid pants. It's happend before . . . *shudder*

Next up, ARGENT TOURNAMENT! Now, I haven't done dailies in . . . months. I hit Exalted with Hodir sometime in February and they were the last Northrend faction to get to that lofty point (aside from the Frostborn and Explorer's League, but I don't have the fortitude to do their dailies everyday). So since then, I've had no reason to do dailies aside from extra gold, and I figured my time was better spent elsewhere. Now I have new dailies, and Silver Covenant rep to get! Yay! Looks I'll be doing the same few quests for three days until I'm an Aspirant. Then who knows what from there. Wowinsider already has a guide, so I won't be doing one, but seriously check out that place if you haven't. It's a mad house about now.

Now for Ulduar. My guild, unfortunately, is not ready. Without even a 10-man Malygos kill under our belts (we actually haven't tried >_< ) we are woefully unprepared and undergeared. It will be a while before we march on the gates, but I have faith that we will someday.

Go forth! Enjoy patchiness.

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  1. Game Dame says:

    Just fyi the gray text you're using is pretty hard to read in Google Reader. :(

  1. gnomeaggedon says:

    I'm still here... somewhere... although way behind on my blog reading, let alone replying

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