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The Obligatory Add-on Post

Apr 7, 2009 , Posted by Drillpress at 3:35 PM


Everyone has to have one.  I think it’s a rule I read somewhere.  So that’s my my UI above.  I think it’s pretty.  It took me some tweaking, some cajoling, some whispering of sweet nothings to get it like this in a way that I like it.  I used the screenie from my first downing of KT because I’m still pretty proud of that, and because I’m apparently top DPS.  But if you look closely, our raid DPS is terrible, so that’s not saying much.  You should open it up in a bigger picture to get the true sense of it.  Better yet, open it up in a separate tab so that you can marvel at it while I talk about it.  I’ll wait.

Done?  Sweet.  First, the stuff you can see.  In the upper left and right corners is Buffalo.  Buffalo keeps my buffs looking sexy and small, and lets me drag them around to where I want them.  In my UI, my all-important Shammy weapon buffs are in the left corner so I can’t help but notice when they’re missing.  My personal buff are in the usual position of the top right corner and below them (near where the range-check box is at ) is where my debuffs show up if I have any.  I find that’s an excellent position for a quick glance to check my polarity or stacks of whatever.

Still at the top, but now in the middle, that pretty blue bar you see that says “8 Orbs Remaining” is my stripped down ShockAndAwe add-on.  It’s a very, very handy little bugger if you are concerned with cooldowns and such, but I just found all the bars to be distracting.  I keep the shield bar mostly to make sure that I never forget to apply a shield and so that I can refresh Lightning Shield in a lull in my rotation before it goes down in a boss fight.  I also use SAA’s handy rotation reminder to let me know when Maelstrom Weapon hits 5 stacks and I can shoot baddies with lighting bolts.

Just below that is a little warning that our fearless mage leader is getting frost blasted.  That’s Deadly Boss Mods.  Everyone who has ever raided should have it.  You already know all about it.

If we continue moving south and slightly right, those four bars right above my HUD will become the focus of your sight.  Those are a piece of Yet Another Totem Add-on, or YATA as it is affectionately known.  Well, as affectionately as you can be with software.  Which is a surprisingly large amount.  Anyway, that part right there gives me a little display of what totems I have out and when they’ll despawn.  During long fights, this keeps me from letting totems disappear and the raid losing buffs, so it’s very handy.  When I use a totem with a cooldown, like one of my elementals or Stoneclaw, another bar will pop up on the left side reminding me of the cooldown before I can use the totem again.  The other part of YATA is below the achievement notification, so sorry about that.  In short, it’s a four button bar with all of my totems sorted by class in cascading menus.  It keeps me from having to have all fourteen thousand totems on a bar somewhere.

My HUD is the venerable ArcHud.  I dislike Blizzard frames and every unit frame that resembles them.  They are aesthetically unappealing under most circumstances and I have trouble with the placement.  Enter ArcHUD.  It’s small, minimal, and fades into the background when I’m just walking around.  Couldn’t ask for anything more.

So then, at the bottom, from left to right.  Omen3, another raiding staple, useful when I play a game of “Steal aggro from the tank.”  Sure the tank gets mad, but he just wasn’t working hard enough.  Then, Grid.  Frickin’ love these raid frames, mostly because they’re small and gorgeous.  They show me everything I need to know, which is health levels, people with aggro, and debuffs I can take care of.  It’s all I need to know, and it’s what I get in a great little package.  My chat pane uses Prat 3.0, mostly to make it prettier and easier to follow.  Then there’s SimpleMap in the middle.  Just a minimalistic and movable minimap.  Next, Recount, another raiding staple if you want to feel good about yourself or realise how much you suck, or tell someone else how much they suck.  I mostly use it to make sure my DPS is where it’s supposed to be.  If it’s not, I check to see if my fishing pole is equipped and that usually fixes it.  Then, Bartender4.  The buttons I MAY need during a fight are big and noticeable and hard to miss when I click them.  The buttons in my rotation or that I’m sure I’ll use are hotkeyed.  I skin all the buttons with ButtonFacade to make them prettier.

That’s all for what you can see, and this post has gone on long enough.  I’ll post another one with the mess of add-ons I use behind the scenes later.  Until then, feel free to ogle my UI with lust.  Do it.  I mean, if you want.  But you should.  You REALLY should . . .

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  1. gnomeaggedon says:

    What's the underlying UI? The bottom section of you screen...

  1. Drillpress says:

    Totally forgot to even mention that. That's Sunn View port Art. The skin I'm using on it is Paravel.

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